Freelye2 CP-1002_我爱谋思特-笔记本散热器、专业存储设备、读卡器、生产制造厂家
Products: Freelye2 CP-1002
Generation: Made In China
Brand: Oimaster
Detailed list OImaster
 Material  Plastic
 Product Dimension  304 * 23 * 180 mm (close)
 304 * 23 * 277 mm (open)
 Fan Size  60*60*10mm
 Fan RPM  2500 RPM
 Noise Level  23 dBA
 Voltage Rating  5V
 Power Cord Type  USB cable
 Application  For 10″above laptop

•  Two 60mm cooling fans for superior heat dissipation
•  USB to DC powered
•  Fan on/off switch function
•  Blue LED for power state
•  Adjustable bracket design for typing angle
•  Contractibility design for easy traveling

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